Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 2 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Brave New World” drug SOMA
“Hey!” PSST
“King Kong” studio RKO
“No __!” (“Sure!”) PROB
“Oops!” UHOH
“The Raven” writer POE
“Zounds!” EGAD
A few SOME
Acknowledges AVOWS
Advanced math TRIG
Aggressive PUSHY
Airline to Sweden SAS
Alias letters AKA
Bakery fixture OVEN
Black INKY
Bond rating AAA
Boxer Norton KEN
British ref. work OED
Broadway offering SHOW
Busy insect ANT
Carry on RAVE
Chicken __ KIEV
Common verb ARE
Compost critters WORMS
Cut with a scalpel INCISED
Desires YENS
Do sum work? ADD
Done with OVER
Fashion reality TV series PROJECTRUNWAY
Female oracles SIBYLS
Finger joint KNUCKLE
Golf’s Ernie ELS
Hammer part PEEN
Impetuous HEADY
Impetuous RASH
In shape FIT
Infamous tsar IVAN
Lotion additive ALOE
Macadamize PAVE
Miner’s find ORE
Movie format DVD
Mr. Kringle KRIS
New England catch COD
Nourished FED
Pear choice BOSC
Powdered hairpiece WIG
RandB’s __ Hill DRU
Rani’s dress SARI
Region AREA
Rickey flavor LIME
Roman 52 LII
Scattered here and there EVERYWHICHWAY
Sitarist Shankar RAVI
Spinning records DJING
Staffer AIDE
Stickum GOO
Stir-fry pans WOKS
Tease KID
Titanic destroyer BERG
Tofu source SOY
Who __ (Cincinnati Bengals mascot) DEY
Yoko of music ONO
Yon folks THEY
__ donna PRIMA
__ Martin (cognac) REMY

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