Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 20 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“La Dolce __” VITA
“__ guest!” BEMY
A bit lit TIPSY
Attack SETON
Author Fleming IAN
Ballet attire TUTU
Bandage brand CURAD
Bashful SHY
Bonehead DOOFUS
Books, newsletters, and the like READINGMATTER
Cauterizes SEARS
Cen. parts YRS
Check BILL
Colorado ski resort ASPEN
Covert agent SPY
Curved line, in music SLUR
Cushy SOFT
Designer monogram YSL
Flynn of film ERROL
Football’s Parseghian ARA
Former polit. divisions SSRS
Goat’s cry MAA
Hammer or sickle TOOL
Hawk’s nest AERIE
Hiking snack GORP
Hotel units ROOMS
ICU workers RNS
Itsy-bitsy TINY
Mac rivals PCS
Medieval musician LUTIST
Mon. follower TUES
Moreover AND
Mystery-writing award EDGAR
Outscores BEATS
Petite sizes SMALLS
Pollster’s find TREND
Ritzy serving dish SILVERPLATTER
Rope fiber HEMP
School dances PROMS
Select groups ELITES
Slightly ATAD
Some coll. degrees BAS
Stately tree ELM
Subject, usually NOUN
Tempest STORM
Unemotional STONY
Unmoving STILL
Utter SAY
Wall painting MURAL
Within earshot AUDIBLE
Zagreb native CROAT

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