Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 23 2018

Clues Answers
‘Amen to that!’ SOTRUE
‘Do others …’ UNTO
‘I had a ball!’ ITWASFUN
‘Smooth Operator’ singer SADE
Bearded beast GNU
Big name in flatware ONEIDA
Book jacket promos BLURBS
Brit’s restroom LOO
Bruce of ‘Nebraska’ DERN
Bump into MEET
Cardinal cap letters STL
Caterwaul YOWL
Celestial bear URSA
Chick’s mom HEN
Chicken cordon BLEU
Corral PEN
Counterfeit SHAM
Countrywide NATIONAL
Day divs HRS
Does in OFFS
Doorframe piece JAMB
Emanations AURAE
Engrave ETCH
Folksinger Guthrie ARLO
Gave a speech ORATED
Ginormous HUGE
Gladys Knight’s backup PIPS
Granada gold ORO
Green land EIRE
Hitchcock classic PSYCHO
Clues Answers
Horse chow HAY
Lofty HIGH
Malaria symptom AGUE
Medieval weapon CROSSBOW
Mentalist Geller URI
Monk’s title FRA
Moving rapidly, as a falling meteor HURTLING
Not yet apprehended ONTHERUN
Old portico STOA
One who got married yesterday NEWLYWED
Org. that tracks Santa NORAD
Part of RSVP SIL
PC’s brain CPU
Pinpoint LOCATE
Pitcher Hershiser OREL
Pool party squirter WATERGUN
Reed and Rawls LOUS
Repair MEND
Scabbard SHEATH
See socially DATE
SSW opposite NNE
Staggered REELED
Stimpy’s pal REN
Surprised cries OHS
Tear canal DUCT
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
Tiny bit IOTA
Verb for you ARE
Want-ad listings JOBS

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