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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 24 2018

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Clues Answers
‘ girl!’ ATTA
‘Frozen’ snow queen ELSA
‘Listen to me …’ LOOKHERE
A billion years EON
Alamos LOS
Anderson Cooper’s channel CNN
Antelope’s playmate DEER
Apiece EACH
Beget SIRE
Bell sound PEAL
Carnival city RIO
Charged bit ION
Circle dance HORA
Cobra feature HOOD
Composer Porter COLE
Connections INS
Contractual escape clause LOOPHOLE
Contrite one RUER
Corn core COB
Cowboy’s sweetie GAL
Cupid’s specialty AMOR
Curved letter ESS
Daring Knievel EVEL
Dove’s call COO
Duck down EIDER
Eco-friendly GREEN
Family docs GPS
Fanatic NUT
Goal AIM
Hawaiian island MAUI
Here, to Henri ICI
Hired guns HITMEN
Hubbard LRON
Clues Answers
Hunger reminder PANG
Imminent LOOMING
Infamous emperor NERO
Inmate CON
Lean-to SHED
Luau bowlful POI
Mexican money PESO
Mideast airline ELAL
Missile shelter SILO
Moral principle ETHIC
More wacky LOONIER
Outback bird EMU
Pair with an air DUO
Parcel of land LOT
Peacekeeping org NATO
Punk rock offshoot EMO
Quick look GLANCE
Rail nails SPIKES
Regrettably ALAS
Riot figures LOOTERS
Roof overhang EAVE
Saxophone range ALTO
Scoundrel CAD
Tea holder CUP
VIP on the red carpet CELEB
Vogue rival ELLE
Vouchers CHITS
Well-versed folks? POETS
Work hard TOIL
Yalie ELI
Zero-star review PAN