Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 5 2018

Clues Answers
‘Casablanca’ role ILSA
‘So there!’ HAH
‘That’s ask’ ALLI
ACLU issues RTS
Actor Kilmer VAL
Apple products IPHONES
Arm of the Atlantic NORTHSEA
As a rule NORMALLY
Attila, notably HUN
Barn bird OWL
Bellow ROAR
Blue material? SMUT
Bro’s sib SIS
Cat call MEOW
Catch sight of ESPY
Chatter YAP
Collar stiffener STARCH
Days gone by YORE
Dazzles AWES
Desire URGE
Dog’s foot PAW
Entreaty PLEA
Fanatic NUT
For each PER
Grafton’s ‘ for Ricochet’ RIS
Half of dos UNO
Hamburger holder ROLL
Hardy lass TESS
Head of state? GOVERNOR
Inventive type CREATOR
Jacob’s twin ESAU
Kennel cry YELP
Clues Answers
Kvetches NAGS
La , Bolivia PAZ
Lament MOAN
Lennon’s lady ONO
Leslie Caron film LILI
Light brown TAN
Monster slain by Hercules HYDRA
Morays EELS
One over par BOGEY
Parisian ‘yes’ OUI
Pharaoh’s land EGYPT
Place of peace and quiet ARCADIA
Pod veggie PEA
Sailor TAR
Scrabble piece TILE
Short trip HOP
Speak out PIPEUP
Spiced tea CHAI
Sweetie HON
Tackled weeds HOED
tai MAI
Thesaurus word SYNONYM
Tiny branch TWIG
Tofu source SOY
Ump’s call OUT
Use a taser ZAP
Valentine flower ROSE
West of Hollywood MAE
Windshield cleaners WIPERS
Young lion CUB

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