Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 5 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Roots” author Haley ALEX
American Beauty, e.g ROSE
Aspiration BREATH
Authentic REAL
Author Dinesen ISAK
Before ERE
Body powder TALC
Broaden EXPAND
Build __ against (prosecute) ACASE
Campus mil. group ROTC
Casual shirt TEE
Cattle group HERD
Choir member TENOR
Chum PAL
Comic Jay LENO
Equal PEER
Fa follower SOL
Fair hirer, in ads EOE
Fan’s shout RAH
Follow TAIL
Foolish INANE
Gentle breeze ZEPHYR
GI dining hall MESS
Glistened SHONE
Gratuity TIP
Greek vowels ETAS
Help a crook ABET
Landlocked Mideast area WESTBANK
Meditative discipline YOGA
Melody AIR
MGM motto start ARS
Mouth part JAW
Neon, for one INERTGAS
Norms (Abbr.) STDS
Notion IDEA
Notre Dame’s Parseghian ARA
NYC airport LGA
Painter Magritte RENE
Patronize, as a hotel STAYAT
Persian leader SHAH
Platter DISH
Poetic contraction TIS
Pub serving ALE
Region ZONE
Rock producer Brian ENO
Roll call reply HERE
Scoff JEER
Seeks assistance GETSHELP
Solidify GEL
Spoken ORAL
Tech’s workstation HELPDESK
Texter’s sign-off TTYL
Thames town ETON
Train rails TRACKS
Volunteer’s words ICANHELP
Vulnerable HELPLESS
Whatever ANY
Withered SERE
__ gin fizz SLOE

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