Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 9 2018

Clues Answers
$ dispensers ATMS
‘ was saying …’ ASI
‘Bottoms up!’ CHEERS
‘Got it’ ISEE
‘The Hobbit’ baddies TROLLS
Academic seminars COLLOQUIA
Actor Gibson MEL
Admin. aide ASST
Aggies and steelies MARBLES
Apple computer MAC
Argue against REBUT
Auto crash COLLISION
Baton Rouge sch LSU
Big name in racing UNSER
Cameo shape OVAL
Chow down EAT
Compass dir SSE
Corn throwaway COB
Corral PEN
Cruise stop ISLE
de cologne EAU
Decathlon event DISCUS
Dhabi ABU
Dove’s call COO
Draft status ONEA
Egyptian deity ISIS
Fellow worker COLLEAGUE
Frozen desserts ICES
Get bent out of shape WARP
Gloomy guy GUS
Greek island RHODES
Clues Answers
Grinch creator SEUSS
Highland hat TAM
Hotel upgrade SUITE
Hulled grains GROATS
Id counterpart EGO
In the past AGO
Island garland LEI
Kicks off STARTS
Lab eggs OVA
Leafy lunch SALAD
Lighten EASE
Most sagacious WISEST
NBC show since 1975 SNL
Old Oldsmobile REO
Old photo tint SEPIA
Perry’s creator ERLE
Right angle ELL
Samovar URN
Satchels BAGS
Sicilian spouter ETNA
Spur on INCITE
Stately tree ELM
Stiller or Stein BEN
tear (raging) ONA
Texter’s chuckle LOL
Tic- -toe TAC
Trail the pack LAG
Web address URL
Wimbledon surface GRASS
Writer Ephron NORA

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