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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – April 29 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Ben-Hur’ studio MGM
‘Madam Secretary’ actress TEALEONI
‘See ya!’ BYE
Any time now SOON
Apple tablet IPAD
Beanies CAPS
Bearded beast GNU
Both (Pref.) AMBI
Boy king TUT
Cheap way to live RENTFREE
Check REIN
Chorus syllables LALA
Commotion STIR
Coq au __ VIN
Divisible by two EVEN
Doctrine TENET
Earth circler MOON
Elizabeth of ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ PENA
Enraptured RAVISHED
Eternally EVERMORE
Football team ELEVEN
Gambling city RENO
Grabbed TOOK
Great divides CHASMS
Greek vowel IOTA
Highlander SCOT
Highway divisions LANES
Import duty TARIFF
JFK info ETA
Lair DEN
Like marble VEINED
New newts EFTS
Notable time ERA
NYPD alert APB
Oklahoma city ENID
Opposite of ‘sans’ AVEC
Painter Georges SEURAT
Playwright O’Casey SEAN
Portent OMEN
Pot covers LIDS
Potter’s medium CLAY
Pro vote YEA
Redact EDIT
Restroom, for short LAV
Retired jet SST
Say it’s so AVER
Serve coffee POUR
Singer Lovett LYLE
Squabble TIFF
St. crosser AVE
Still, in verse EEN
Stuffed Italian pasta RAVIOLI
Tenor Enrico CARUSO
Theater award OBIE
USPS delivery LTR
Variety KIND
Very hungry RAVENOUS
Watched surreptitiously SPIED
Weed whacker HOE
Written messages MISSIVES