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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – April 8 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Entourage’ character ARI
‘Eureka!’ AHA
Holy __!’ MOLY
Actor De Niro ROBERT
Apple tablet IPAD
Blue SAD
Branch ARM
Brings in REAPS
Cartoon vamp BETTYBOOP
Chopping tool AXE
Coloring agent DYE
Dance syllable CHA
Dogpatch adjective LIL
Entanglement WEB
Equal (Pref.) ISO
Fish story LIE
Fits together MESHES
Gentle soul LAMB
Greek salad cheese FETA
Headache aid ICEBAG
Heavy weight TON
Inflatable pool toy BEACHBALL
Job-safety org OSHA
Klutz OAF
Literary rep AGT
Made finer, as flour SIFTED
Medicinal plant ALOE
Melville sailor BILLYBUDD
Mess up ERR
Moray, for one EEL
Newspaper piece ARTICLE
Nickelodeon’s ‘Explorer’ DORA
Noon, on a sundial XII
Picture puzzle REBUS
Place of worship TEMPLE
Point of view ANGLE
Politico Stevenson ADLAI
Portals GATES
Prefix with gram or center EPI
Prof’s degree PHD
Quarterback Manning ELI
Rail BAR
Rope parts FIBERS
Russian river URAL
Skedaddled FLED
Soon-to-be grad SENIOR
Spasm TIC
Spectrum creator PRISM
Spike’s warning GRR
Tears RIPS
Terre Haute sch ISU
Towering TALL
Turkey is part of it EURASIA
Ump’s call SAFE
Unconventional OUTRE
Unruly group MOB
Verily YEA
Village People hit YMCA
Where the action is ARENA
Witty one WAG
__ glance ATA