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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 10 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Eugene Sheffer King Feature Syndicate.

Clues Answers
“Big Girls Don’t Cry” singer FERGIE
“For shame, for shame!” TSKTSK
“__ on first?” WHOS
Actress Moore DEMI
Apiece EACH
Ate like a bird PECKEDAT
Baseball’s Ripken CAL
Broad valley DALE
Castle defense MOAT
Consider DEEM
Corn spike EAR
Days gone by YORE
Distort SKEW
Egypt’s neighbor SUDAN
Feedbag tidbit OAT
Foot part INSTEP
Frank McCourt memoir TIS
Goblet feature STEM
Grazing land LEA
Hankering YEN
Here, in Dijon ICI
Illegal acts CRIMES
Imperfection FLAW
Latin 101 word AMAT
LAX guesses ETAS
Lighten EASE
Like some office work CLERICAL
London insurer LLOYDS
Mac rivals PCS
Monastery man MONK
Muhammad’s footstep-following daughter LAILAALI
Normandy battle site STLO
Perry’s creator ERLE
Philadelphia team EAGLES
Pirates’ potation RUM
Quarrel SPAT
Rm. coolers ACS
Salsa ingredient TOMATO
Salt Lake athlete UTE
Salt source SEA
San __, Italy REMO
Sharp Italian cheese PECORINO
Singer Orbison ROY
Skilled DEFT
Spanish aunt TIA
Spiked club MACE
Stretches (out) EKES
Suffix with senor ITA
Support group? FANS
Tax prep pros CPAS
Thames town ETON
Thanksgiving dessert PECANPIE
Tore to shreds RIPPEDUP
Undiplomatic TACTLESS
Unwanted breakout ACNE
Vichy water EAU
Void partner NULL
Walks in water WADES
Was foreboding LOOMED
Without help SOLO