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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 14 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Got it’ ISEE
‘It can’t be!’ OHNO
‘Mayday!’ SOS
-de-France ILE
911 responders EMTS
Abhor HATE
Abysmal BAD
Accomplishment FEAT
Allow LET
Andean land PERU
Aplomb POISE
Arkin or Alda ALAN
Baseball’s Ripken CAL
Billions of years EONS
Black leopard PANTHER
Blood vessel VEIN
Bridal accessory VEIL
Burst POP
Candle count AGE
Catered (to) PANDERED
Cato’s 502 DII
Charged bit ION
Dallas hoopster, briefly MAV
Endures LASTS
Enthusiast FAN
Exile isle ELBA
Exploits USES
Feedbag tidbit OAT
Filch ROB
Flapjack PANCAKE
Head honcho TOPDOG
Hoodwinked DUPED
Hostel INN
Clues Answers
Hot tubs SPAS
However BUT
Humpty’s perch WALL
Magic cures PANACEAS
Make a scarf KNIT
Mater lead-in ALMA
Metal source ORE
Nest egg choices IRAS
On in years OLD
One-named supermodel IMAN
Ornate vase URN
Own (up) FESS
Past AGO
Rodeo ropes LASSOS
Satchel BAG
Saxophone range ALTO
Siren VAMP
Sleeve end CUFF
Some corp. recruits MBAS
Spring flowers PANSIES
Standard PAR
Stop dime ONA
Straw hats PANAMAS
Throat clearer AHEM
Top picks, for short FAVES
Trail the pack LAG
Trudge SLOG
Used a broom SWEPT
West Pointer CADET
Within (Pref.) ENTO
Yoko of music ONO