Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 15 2018

Clues Answers
‘ for the Misbegotten’ AMOON
AOL alternative GMAIL
Belief ISM
Bewildered INAFOG
Bleeps out CENSORS
Blunder ERR
Bridal path AISLE
Bulgaria’s capital SOFIA
Cauterize SEAR
Change for a ten FIVES
Chinese or Korean ASIAN
Entrap SNARE
Estate recipient HEIR
Exhibits SHOWS
Extinct bird MOA
Fall flower ASTER
Follow orders OBEY
Foreshadow BODE
Gushes SPEWS
Hang around LOITER
Having a lot to lose? OBESE
Hebrew prophet AMOS
Irish actor Stephen REA
Jargon suffix ESE
Laugh-a-minute RIOT
Leary’s drug LSD
Lena of ‘Chocolat’ OLIN
Clues Answers
Loony DAFT
Major exam FINAL
Marble cake pattern SWIRL
Mario Puzo subject MAFIA
Maui garlands LEIS
Mel of Cooperstown OTT
Negotiates ruthlessly PLAYSHARDBALL
Nervous ANTSY
Newspaper chief EDITOR
Out of control AMOK
Pie mode ALA
Pouch SAC
Puts in extra hours on the job WORKSOVERTIME
Raw materials ORES
Royal house WINDSOR
Sailor TAR
Script makeup LINES
Shock partner AWE
Shred RIP
Shrill barks YIPS
Soon-to-be grads SRS
Sportscast offering SCORE
Summit ACME
Tale tellers LIARS
That man’s HIS
Valhalla VIP ODIN
Wanderers NOMADS

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