Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 15 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Friendly skies” co UAL
“Mayday!” SOS
“__ Las Vegas” VIVA
$ dispenser ATM
Apple desktop IMAC
Battery measures VOLTS
Big rig SEMI
Bridal cover VEIL
Charlotte’s creation WEB
Club in a Manilow song COPA
Curds’ partner WHEY
Currier’s partner IVES
Cut the lawn MOW
D.C. veteran POLITICO
Denny’s rival IHOP
Duel tool EPEE
Earth (Pref.) GEO
Fleet of ships FLOTILLA
Fond du __ LAC
Goldberg on “The View” WHOOPI
Great expectation HOPE
Holler YELL
Honker HORN
Hot wok sound SSS
Hurler Hershiser OREL
Investigates EXPLORES
Italian cornmeal recipe POLENTA
Japanese soup MISO
Like holiday decorations SEASONAL
Mild cheese TILSIT
Ms. Moore DEMI
Not that THIS
Office part-timer TEMP
Ogled EYED
Oklahoma city ENID
Oklahoma tribe OTOE
Pandemonium BEDLAM
Pedestal BASE
Pentagon gp DOD
Poetic dusk EEN
Primitive flutes PANPIPES
Pro votes AYES
Race finish TAPE
Rapscallions IMPS
Sculpted trunks TORSOS
Singer Mann AIMEE
Some latte sizes TALLS
Sprite ELF
Stage comments ASIDES
Storefront sign abbr HRS
Swiss peaks ALPS
Taxpayer IDs SSNS
Tend texts EDIT
Tic-tac-toe loser OXO
Toy train maker LIONEL
Venomous viper ASP
Verbal attack POLEMIC
Water, in Mexico AGUA
Word list, for short VOCAB
Yr. parts MOS
__ Lingus AER

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