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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 17 2018

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Eugene Sheffer РKing Feature Syndicate Crossword Puzzle Solutions РAug 17 2018 

Clues Answers
‘ the ramparts …’ OER
‘Believe’ singer CHER
‘Citizen Kane’ prop SLED
‘East of Eden’ son ARON
‘J’accuse’ writer ZOLA
‘Once a time …’ UPON
‘Right you !’ ARE
‘Scram!’ SCAT
‘Scram!’ SHOO
‘Toodle-oo!’ TATA
Austrian composer Franz SCHUBERT
Belgrade resident SERB
Boutique SHOP
Broadcast AIRED
Castle barriers MOATS
Cat call MEOW
Chevy model IMPALA
Chew the fat SCHMOOZE
Chinese tea CHA
Colleen LASS
Combo BAND
Command to Rover SIT
Corrida bull TORO
Dance moves STEPS
Delany or Carvey DANA
Efron of ‘Parkland’ ZAC
Excellent, in slang PHAT
Faucets TAPS
Flair ELAN
Frank OPEN
Fruit-flavored alcoholic drink SCHNAPPS
Geometric curve PARABOLA
German poet/dramatist SCHILLER
Grand tale EPIC
High card ACE
In land LALA
Iowa city AMES
Leviathan BEHEMOTH
List-ending abbr ETAL
Mexican revolutionary ZAPATA
Missile shelter SILO
Nonclerical LAY
Office notes MEMOS
Oil cartel OPEC
Onion’s kin LEEK
Portent OMEN
Prattle GAB
Pub orders ALES
Quick look PEEK
Rainbow shape ARC
Requests ASKS
Retired jet SST
Rocker Clapton ERIC
Safe places? BANKS
Small songbird ROBIN
Snare TRAP
Source ROOT
Stick with a kick TNT
Storm center EYE
Sushi fish AHI
Tank filler GAS
Threaded hardware SCREW
Tries the coffee SIPS
Troublesome car LEMON