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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 17 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Eugene Sheffer King Feature Syndicate.

Clues Answers
“Bad Moms” actress Hahn KATHRYN
“Dig in!” EAT
“So be it” AMEN
“Toodle-oo!” TATA
“Top Hat” studio RKO
Acapulco gold ORO
Actor Damon MATT
Actor Danson TED
Actress Tyne DALY
Aptrhyme for “spa” AAH
Ashen PALE
Aspiring atty.’s exam LSAT
Aviation aid AUTOPILOT
Big fusses ADOS
Brain scan (Abbr.) EEG
Brain, slangily NOODLE
Brit. record label EMI
Calendar abbr DEC
Canadian gas brand ESSO
Composer Copland AARON
Conspiracy PLOT
D-Day vessel LST
Docile TAME
Exotic berry ACAI
Farm fraction ACRE
French waterway OISE
Friend ALLY
Get ready, briefly PREP
Gospel writer MARK
Greek cross TAU
Having insomnia SLEEPLESS
Hockey stats ASSISTS
Inventor Nikola TESLA
Like crazy MADLY
Mani counterpart PEDI
Mater lead-in ALMA
Mauna __ KEA
Monopoly card DEED
Multilingual POLYGLOT
Must have NEED
Nemeses FOES
Notable time ERA
Pen filler INK
Postal delivery MAIL
Pottery oven KILN
Quarterback Brady TOM
Roe provider SHAD
RSVP enclosure SASE
Salary PAY
Schedule opening TIMESLOT
Shoe width EEE
Singer LaBelle PATTI
Spoken ORAL
Stephen King novel SALEMSLOT
Sugary suffix OSE
Terre Haute sch ISU
Textbook chapter LESSON
Turkey choice DRUMSTICK
UV ray-blocking stat SPF
Zodiac cat LEO
__ -Seltzer ALKA