Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Alley __” OOP
“Diamonds” singer SIA
“Kapow!” BAM
“No seats” signs SROS
“We hold these __ to be …” TRUTHS
“__ a Rebel” HES
“__ luck!” LOTSA
Activist Parks ROSA
Actor Clive OWEN
Actor Stephen REA
Angel with a trumpet GABRIEL
Artist Yoko ONO
Beehive State UTAH
Before ERE
Belgian river YSER
Blaze FIRE
Booty LOOT
Brzezinski of MSNBC MIKA
Citi Field team METS
Cognizant AWARE
Coin that keeps turning up BADPENNY
Commotion ADO
Cyclades island IOS
Decay ROT
Diner dessert PIE
Doppler device RADAR
Doubtfire or Dalloway MRS
Euro fraction CENT
Eyebrow shape ARCH
From the start ANEW
Get up RISE
Ginsberg and Kerouac, for two BEATPOETS
Group character ETHOS
Handle KNOB
Heath MOOR
Hitch SNAG
Labels TAGS
Lady of Spain DONA
Letter addenda, for short PSS
Loan shark’s crime USURY
Love god EROS
Medal earner HERO
Microwave, slangily NUKE
Olympics chant USA
Parade attractions FLOATS
Pesky insect GNAT
Play segment ACT
Poker payments ANTES
Raced SPED
Request ASK
Ring decision TKO
Sixth sense ESP
Some online essays BLOGPOSTS
Sound booster AMP
Stirs up AROUSES
Stitched SEWN
Sugar suffix OSE
Tibetan herd YAKS
Top-notch AONE
UFO engineers ETS
Verdi heroine AIDA
Where Lux. is EUR
Zero NIL
__ Maria TIA
__ Raton, Fla BOCA

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