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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 3 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Eugene Sheffer King Feature Syndicate.

Clues Answers
“So there!” HAH
“The Mule” actor Michael PENA
“Understood” ISEE
“Westworld” network HBO
2016 Olympics city RIO
Actress Hatcher TERI
Apple product IPOD
Author Umberto ECO
Back muscles, for short LATS
Back talk LIP
Barking mammal SEAL
Bas-relief medium GESSO
Brother of Moses AARON
Car protectors BUMPERS
Castor’s mother LEDA
Cleo’s slayer ASP
Dawn goddess EOS
Decay ROT
Egg container NEST
Enervate SAP
Envelope abbr ATTN
Favorite PET
Get wind of HEAR
Grand tale EPIC
Help a crook ABET
Hexagonal state UTAH
ICU workers RNS
Illuminated LITUP
Inherited GOT
Jean- __ Picard LUC
Jokester WAG
Jubilant shout WHOOP
Links org PGA
Luau dance HULA
Moolah CASH
Mork’s planet ORK
Now, on a memo ASAP
Oft-tattooed word MOM
Old U.S. gas brand ESSO
Outstanding student STARPUPIL
Pac-12 team UCLA
Pitcher’s pride ARM
Prefix with pilot AUTO
React in horror GASP
Ripken of baseball CAL
Rm. coolers ACS
Sicilian peak ETNA
Skater Lipinski TARA
Soon, poetically ANON
Southpaw LEFTY
Span. lady SRA
Spell-off BEE
Superhero’s garment CAPE
Surveillance aircraft SPYPLANE
The Mets’ old home SHEA
Tibetan bovine YAK
Toward the rising sun EAST
Toys on strings YOYOS
UFO crew ETS
Ump’s call OUT
Unpaid TV spot PSA
Use a rosary PRAY
Well-versed competitor? SLAMPOET
Winter ailment FLU
__ Paulo, Brazil SAO