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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 6 2018

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Clues Answers
‘ want for Christmas …’ ALLI
‘As I see it,’ to a texter IMO
‘Encore!’ MORE
‘Phooey!’ DRAT
Abel’s brother CAIN
Aries RAM
Arm bone ULNA
Ballet attire TUTU
Biblical boat ARK
Blond shade ASH
Blue shade TEAL
Bro or sis SIB
Cager O’Neal, for short SHAQ
Campaigned RAN
Candied veggie YAM
Cartoon duck DAFFY
Charlatan FRAUD
Close SHUT
Converse CHAT
Cracker spread PATE
Darjeeling, e.g TEA
Dined at home ATEIN
Dog biscuit shape BONE
Donut filling CUSTARD
Dross SLAG
Earth Day mo APR
End of the work day QUITTINGTIME
Favorite PET
Flair ELAN
Foolish INANE
Golfer Hogan BEN
Grand tale EPIC
Hand (out) DOLE
Clues Answers
Havana’s land CUBA
Kvetched NAGGED
Lightheaded GIDDY
Longings YENS
Miss Piggy’s pronoun MOI
Monk’s title FRA
Morning moisture DEW
Mosque leader IMAM
Ms. Farrow MIA
Nick and Nora’s dog ASTA
Off-white ECRU
Part of an employee’s benefits package VACATIONTIME
Passing craze FAD
PBS funder NEA
Port of Algeria ORAN
Race segment LEG
Recess NICHE
Shoe width EEE
Siren VAMP
Snooze NAP
Squirrel’s snacks WALNUTS
Starting ASOF
Swank CHIC
Till bills TENS
UFO fliers ETS
Understanding KEN
Venomous viper ASP
Voice in an iPhone SIRI
Weir DAM
Zhivago’s love LARA