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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Dec 13 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Haystacks’ painter MONET
‘Keep it down!’ SHH
Meet Me __ Louis’ INST
‘Memory’ musical CATS
‘Persuasion’ author Jane AUSTEN
‘Topaz’ author URIS
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Actor Rickman ALAN
Andean land PERU
Appear SEEM
Apportion METE
Circle dance HORA
Code-breaking gp NSA
Coffee flavor MOCHA
Corn spike EAR
Dawn goddess EOS
Dazzle STUN
Dorothy’s dog TOTO
Energy VIM
Erie Canal mule SAL
Felon’s flight LAM
Flashing disco light STROBE
Footnote indicator ASTERISK
Glutton PIG
HBO competitor SHO
Hedge plants SHRUBS
Holiday hearth burner YULELOG
Hot tub SPA
Implement TOOL
Inn crowd GUESTS
Japanese pond carp KOI
King Arthur’s realm CAMELOT
Leak out slowly SEEP
Like Abner LIL
Lotion additive ALOE
Moppets TYKES
Muppet eagle SAM
Nightly TV fare NEWSCAST
Nosh EAT
Not neg POS
Nozzle site HOSE
Old Italian money LIRE
Outback bird EMU
Overly TOO
Pallid WAN
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
Partner of compare CONTRAST
PC alternative MAC
Peter Fonda’s beekeeper role ULEE
Playpen item TOY
Poseidon’s home SEA
Pouch SAC
Punk rock offshoot EMO
Revue segment SKIT
Richard of ‘Chicago’ GERE
Sawbucks TENS
Slangy OKs YEPS
Space rock ASTEROID
Spigot TAP
Spy org CIA
Stockpiles SAVESUP
Tennis star Rafael NADAL
Theater award TONY
Verizon, for one TELECOM
Yale students ELIS
Your THY