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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Dec 29 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Ditto’ SAME
‘Recognize my voice?’ GUESSWHO
Actor Kilmer VAL
Actress de Matteo DREA
Bird (Pref.) AVI
Celestial bear URSA
Celtic tongue ERSE
Cicatrix SCAR
Classic theaters ODEA
Corn core COB
Curry and Landers ANNS
Daring Knievel EVEL
Decay ROT
Exhausting ballroom contest DANCEMARATHON
Expert PRO
Extraterrestrials ALIENS
Flamenco cheer OLE
Fr. holy woman STE
Genetic stuff DNA
Gin or poker, e.g CARDGAME
Golf prop TEE
Greek liqueur OUZO
Greek mountain OSSA
Grown-up nit LOUSE
Hardy’s partner LAUREL
Heroic tales SAGAS
Hosp. workers DRS
Implore PLEAD
John of ‘Saturday Night Fever’ TRAVOLTA
Jupiter counterpart ZEUS
Kidnapper CAPTOR
Locales AREAS
Make over REDO
Mineral suffix ITE
MLB stat RBI
Mr. Disney WALT
Night flight REDEYE
No-frills BASIC
O. Henry’s specialty IRONY
Oklahoma city ADA
Park official RANGER
Perched SAT
Pre-diploma hurdle EXAM
Prejudice BIAS
Refer (to) ALLUDE
Saxophone range ALTO
Shock partner AWE
Sneezer’s need TISSUE
Soul, to Sartre AME
Stop — dime ONA
Target at a fiesta PINATA
Tire filler AIR
Try out TEST
Under the weather ILL
Unpaid OWED
Very long time EON
Wild scuffles MELEES
Wise one SAGE