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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Jan 2 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Dallas’ matriarch ELLIE
‘My word!’ GEE
1998 Bruce Willis thriller MERCURYRISING
Actress Tyler LIV
Ancient letter RUNE
Banshee’s cry WAIL
Belted area WAIST
Bruins’ sch UCLA
Bull’s sound SNORT
Butter up the turkey BASTE
Caesar’s ‘vidi’ ISAW
Cartoon frame CEL
Category GENRE
Chemical suffix INE
Compass pt ESE
Cooking fat LARD
County of Ireland CLARE
Court hammers GAVELS
D.C. baseball team NATS
Delta, for one AIRLINE
Docs’ org AMA
Edition ISSUE
Enthusiastic approval PLAUDIT
Flightless birds EMUS
Fry lightly SAUTE
Graceland idol ELVIS
Gum flavor MINT
Hoodwinks DUPES
Less loony SANER
Long-legged shorebird STILT
Nodded off SLEPT
Opening GAP
Pharaoh’s land EGYPT
Picnic crasher ANT
Quilters’ get-together BEE
Ram’s mate EWE
Roll call reply HERE
Secreted HID
Shock partner AWE
Sir Guinness ALEC
Sleep problem APNEA
Sports venues ARENAS
Up and about ASTIR
Upper crust ELITES
Used a broom SWEPT
Uttered SAID
Water tester TOE
Wet dirt MUD
Wife of Jacob RACHEL
Wimbledon champ of 2008 VENUSWILLIAMS