Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 12 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Norma __” RAE
“__ Blue?” AMI
Actress Fisher ISLA
Altar in the sky ARA
Ambulance initials EMS
Aviate FLY
Baby elephant CALF
Belonging to us OURS
Brit. record label EMI
Cab alternative UBER
Carrier to Amsterdam KLM
Cavorts ROMPS
Chicago winter hrs CST
Colonial flag maker ROSS
Contrite one RUER
Cook in the oven ROAST
Dead heat TIE
Disaster aid org FEMA
Docile TAME
Egyptian deity OSIRIS
Engrave ETCH
Equilibrium STASIS
Fake ally FRENEMY
Felon’s flight LAM
First-termers FRESHMEN
French assent OUI
Get overemotional GUSH
Golfer Els ERNIE
GPS suggestion RTE
Half a sextet TRIO
Handle NAME
Harbor arrival SHIP
Invoice fig AMT
Loud sounds NOISES
Mal de __ MER
Medit. nation ISR
Mel of baseball OTT
Michelangelo works FRESCOS
Miles away AFAR
Napkin’s place LAP
October birthstone OPAL
Packed away ATE
Per person APOP
Pie __ mode ALA
Prefix with pad or port HELI
Pumped (up) AMPED
Really dig GOFOR
Rowing need OAR
Santa’s ride SLED
Six-pack units CANS
Slightly ABIT
Snare TRAP
Staffer AIDE
Sultry Horne LENA
Sun spot FRECKLE
Swear CUSS
Take courses? EAT
Top floor ATTIC
Trig function SINE
Turner and Danson TEDS
UFO crew ETS
Understood GOT
Universal COSMIC

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