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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 24 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Arbitrage’ star Richard GERE
‘Law & Order: SVU’ actor ICET
Actress Taylor LIZ
Bacterium GERM
Bar bill TAB
Belongs FITS
Big fair, for short EXPO
Carnival attractions RIDES
Cask sediment LEES
Chemical suffix IDE
Chopper AXE
Clumsy person GALOOT
Composer Gustav MAHLER
Diner, maybe HASHHOUSE
Dog bane FLEA
Eastern path TAO
Enrages IRES
Forum wear TOGA
French article LES
Garlicky mayo AIOLI
Genetic stuff DNA
Greek vowels ETAS
Greet the villain HISS
Group spirit ETHOS
gum (thickener) GUAR
Gushy love letters MASHNOTES
Guys’ dates GALS
Harbor blaze fighter FIREBOAT
Herbal brews TEAS
I love (Lat.) AMO
Instrument panel DASHBOARD
Clues Answers
Leftover matter RESIDUE
Like Abner LIL
Literary rep AGT
Madonna’s ‘La Bonita’ ISLA
Male turkeys TOMS
Mode lead-in ALA
Moines DES
Noshed ATE
Not that THIS
Olympics hopefuls ATHLETES
Portent OMEN
Post-op area ICU
Ran into MET
Resort SPA
Rule, for short REG
Satan’s forte EVIL
Scale members RES
Shirt parts SLEEVES
Signing need PEN
Slanted type (Abbr.) ITAL
Social worker’s load CASES
Sweepstakes award, often CASHPRIZE
Swiss river AARE
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Taxi CAB
Tennis great Lendl IVAN
Tropical tree PALM
Verdi opera AIDA
Wrinkly fruit UGLI