Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 28 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Faust” dramatist GOETHE
“__ Bohème” LA
“__ Deeds” MR
Artist Yoko ONO
Aussie greeting GDAY
Awestruck AGOG
Barking mammal SEAL
Chap GUY
Check REIN
Club __ MED
Comic Philips EMO
Corrida bull TORO
Destroys WRECKS
Dorothy’s dog TOTO
Early birds? EGGS
Entanglement WEB
Fiddle stick BOW
Folklore monster OGRE
Freshens lawns SODS
Full house, e.g HAND
GI entertainers USO
Guitar-making material ROSEWOOD
Hawaiian city HILO
Heidi of “Project Runway” KLUM
Hoodlum GOON
Kimono closer OBI
Makes amends ATONES
Modern, in Bonn NEU
Monarch KING
New Deal pres FDR
Nitwit BOOB
Oboe, for one WOODWIND
Oklahoma tribe OTOE
On the job ATWORK
Opposite of “post-“ PRE
Pantheon members GODS
PBS anchor Judy WOODRUFF
PBS supporter NEA
Preambles INTROS
Privy LOO
Queen dowager of Jordan NOOR
Rock’s Brian ENO
Rocky outcrop CRAG
Sailing vessels SLOOPS
Scrapped mission NOGO
Small combo TRIO
Standard PAR
Story lines ARCS
Sugar suffix OSE
Surround ENFOLD
Takeoff stat ETD
Tatter RAG
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
They can hold their heads high GIRAFFES
Tic-tac-toe win OOO
To and __ FRO
Victor’s cry IWON
Yalie ELI
Young whale CALF
__ Baba ALI

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