Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 31 2018

Clues Answers
‘Amen!’ YEAH
Awards dinner cry SPEECH
Baseball’s ‘Charlie Hustle’ PETEROSE
Beehive State UTAH
budget ONA
Caribou’s kin ELK
Chairman of China MAO
Color worker DYER
Culinary herb ROSEMARY
Do the tango DANCE
Drench SOAK
Duck-billed critter PLATYPUS
Eg. and Syr., once UAR
Enrages IRES
Flair ELAN
Future bloomers ROSEBUDS
German conjunction UND
Group of priests CLERGY
Guzzle CHUG
Hog haven STY
Hooded snakes COBRAS
Hosp. areas ORS
Houston org NASA
Jewel GEM
Juanita’s home CASA
Lawman Wyatt EARP
Lean and supple WIRY
Med. plan options HMOS
Clues Answers
Men-only STAG
Moray, for one EEL
Ms. Rowlands GENA
Nasty remarks SLURS
Overconfident SMUG
Overdue LATE
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
PC alternatives MACS
Pianist Peter NERO
Pitcher EWER
Pledge VOW
Prefix with surgeon NEURO
Pyle from Mayberry GOMER
Really pesters NAGS
Saab model AERO
Salty expanse SEA
Satan’s purchase SOUL
Saudi native ARAB
Sentry’s cry HALT
Skater’s leap AXEL
Soldier’s knapsack KITBAG
Spelldown BEE
Spider’s home WEB
Spring flower PRIMROSE
Squealer RAT
Sultry singer Kitt EARTHA
That girl HER
Tic-tac-toe loser OXO
Trusted teacher MENTOR
U-boat, for one SUB
Weaving art BASKETRY
Work unit ERG

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