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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 11 2018

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Clues Answers
‘ had it!’ IVE
-de-France ILE
-Mex cuisine TEX
Adolescent TEEN
Arp’s art movement DADAISM
Authentic REAL
Cat call MEOW
Classic theaters ODEA
Coastal eagle ERNE
Compass dir SSE
Complaint BEEF
Curly cabbage KALE
Deeds ACTS
Drunkard SOT
Duel tool EPEE
Entreaty PLEA
Facts and figures DATA
Fare that doesn’t include a return trip ONEWAYTICKET
First lady? EVE
Frazier foe ALI
Greet silently WAVE
High point PEAK
Homer’s bartender MOE
Hosp. areas ORS
Huff and puff PANT
Interrogation room feature TWOWAYMIRROR
Invigorating BRISK
Item on stage PROP
Jewel GEM
King, in Cannes ROI
Less risky SAFER
Let fall DROP
Likely APT
Clues Answers
Listener EAR
Luau bowlful POI
Mentalist’s claim ESP
Mid-month date IDES
Misery WOE
Mound stat ERA
MP’s quarry AWOL
NBC sketch show SNL
Nile queen, informally CLEO
NYPD alert APB
Painter’s stand EASEL
Pilferer THIEF
Raggedy doll ANN
Salty septet SEAS
Science room LAB
Series of battles WAR
Skiing style ALPINE
Small battery AAA
Sound of relief AAH
Superman foe Luthor LEX
Sweetie TOOTS
Talon CLAW
Thick milkshake FRAPPE
Tiny branch TWIG
Tropical tree PALM
Used a loom WOVE
Utah city OREM
Vigor PEP
Waffle topper SYRUP
Wrong AWRY
Young seals PUPS