Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 15 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Kinda” suffix ISH
“No seats” SRO
“__ -haw!” (cowgirl cry) YEE
$ dispensers ATMS
Acknowledges AVOWS
Applauds CLAPS
Architect I. M PEI
Army address SIR
Bank acct. entry INT
Belfry critter BAT
Brief moments SECS
Ceremony RITUAL
Charged bits IONS
Cheery tunes LILTS
Cheesy pasta dish STUFFEDSHELLS
Coin toss FLIP
Comforter cover DUVET
Crossword diagrams GRIDS
Cutting tool SAW
Deco artist ERTE
Deep sources of water ARTESIANWELLS
Diner orders BLTS
Director Craven WES
Drill BORE
Estate beneficiary HEIR
Factions SIDES
Head, to Henri TETE
Inclined TILTED
Italian wine SOAVE
Justice Dept. agency FBI
Kick out EVICT
Like ocean water SALINE
Outscores BEATS
Overcooked BURNT
Pitch TAR
Plane reservation SEAT
Plead BEG
Roof edge EAVE
Seized wheels REPO
Starbucks size VENTI
Submit taxes online EFILE
Suitor BEAU
Surmised GUESSED
Sweetie FLAME
Sweeties DEARS
Taters SPUDS
That fellow’s HIS
Trench RUT
Varieties SORTS
Well-worn trail PATHWAY

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