Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 30 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“What’s the __?” DIF
Actress Farrow MIA
Altar vow IDO
Art Deco master ERTE
Asian holiday TET
Author Bagnold ENID
Avril follower MAI
Biz abbr CO
Black birds ANIS
Bloke GENT
Blue material? SMUT
By way of VIA
Byron or Tennyson LORD
California town OJAI
California wine, for short ZIN
Cato’s 502 DII
Cattle call MOO
Center HUB
Chevy trucks TAHOES
College URL ender EDU
Consume EAT
Cupid’s alias EROS
Diana of “The Avengers” RIGG
Docs’ bloc AMA
Don’t have LACK
Drunkard SOT
Ecol. watchdog EPA
Engrossed RAPT
Flood cause HIGHTIDE
Fuddy-duddy STODGY
Hand-slapping greeting HIGHFIVE
Harangue RANT
Harrow rival ETON
Inherited GOT
Italian river PO
Japanese veggie UDO
Kids’ card game WAR
Lab sci CHEM
London gallery TATE
Luggage carrier PORTER
Naval letters USS
Netting MESH
Payable DUE
Prefix with byte TERA
Road marker MILEPOST
Sets lofty goals AIMSHIGH
Skater Lipinski TARA
Slightly open AJAR
Sneaky laugh HEHHEH
Stocking band GARTER
Stylish DRESSY
Suffix for million AIRE
Sugary suffix OSE
Tacky art KITSCH
Take it easy REST
The pair BOTH
Trio after R STU
Vacationing AWAY
Vaccinate IMMUNIZE
Weapon-providing agreement ARMSDEAL
Zorro’s garment CAPE

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