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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 9 2018

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Clues Answers
1965 march site SELMA
Actress Merrill DINA
Angry rant TIRADE
Arizona city TEMPE
Austere conditions RIGORS
Bamboo eaters PANDAS
Beethoven’s Third EROICA
Bio stat AGE
Black, in verse EBON
Bravery VALOR
Calming words NOWNOW
Chocolate-coated treat BONBON
Chum PAL
Colorful bird TANAGER
Conform ADAPT
Conk out DIE
Corporate symbol LOGO
Daughter of Lear REGAN
Delivers a keynote ORATES
Droop SAG
Eggy quaff NOG
ER prioritization TRIAGE
Estuary RIA
Extraterrestrials ALIENS
Flamenco cheer OLE
Flushed RED
Gear tooth COG
Hand-beaten drum TOMTOM
Clues Answers
Hiatus GAP
Hilary Hahn’s instrument VIOLIN
I love (Lat.) AMO
Irish actor Stephen REA
Lack of vitality ANEMIA
Like Abner LIL
Little lice NITS
Magritte and Descartes RENES
Molecule parts ATOMS
Ms. Farrow MIA
Old marketplace AGORA
On the train ABOARD
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
Power company crew LINEMEN
Quick read PERUSAL
Reached GOTAT
Reside DWELL
Rocker Dee Dee RAMONE
Salt formula NACL
Scent ODOR
Science room LAB
Semitic language ARAMAIC
Steak choice TBONE
Stylist’s shop SALON
Tam topper POMPOM
Toy bricks LEGOS
Trim the grass MOW
Will of ‘Up All Night’ ARNETT