Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 10 2018

Clues Answers
‘ She Sweet’ AINT
‘Damn Yankees’ vamp LOLA
‘Hey, you!’ PSST
‘Let ‘ (Beatles hit) ITBE
‘Oops!’ UHOH
‘Tasty!’ YUM
‘The Matrix’ role NEO
‘Zounds!’ EGAD
Action words VERBS
Alto, Calif PALO
Answer an invite RSVP
Aristotle’s teacher PLATO
Ballet attire TUTU
Bearded beast GNU
Belonging to us OURS
Boy king TUT
Bygone fliers SSTS
Calendar abbr TUE
Capita lead-in PER
Capital of Arizona PHOENIX
Cash dispenser ATM
Craving LUST
Damp at dawn DEWY
Diminish WANE
Docile TAME
Electric measure VOLT
Emmy-winning ‘Drag Race’ host RUPAUL
Even so YET
Evening hrs PMS
Evergreens YEWS
Fragrant wood CEDAR
Clues Answers
Goblet feature STEM
Gym unit REP
Hawaiian island MAUI
Historic periods ERAS
Hollywood’s Lupino IDA
Impudent PERT
Kipling lad KIM
Liberates FREES
Metallic wrap TINFOIL
Mine passageway SHAFT
New York canal ERIE
Nosh EAT
Paul Newman film HUD
Pieces for one SOLI
Pigs’ digs STY
Pledge VOW
Posterior RUMP
Prom rental TUX
Pub perch STOOL
Quick swim DIP
Ranch visitor DUDE
Rotate TURN
Scrap ORT
Shark feature FIN
Shrill bark YIP
Sportage maker KIA
Thames town ETON
Trendy HIP
Urban blight SLUM
Waist-cinching garment CORSET
Wish undone RUE

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