Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 14 2018

Clues Answers
‘Blessings’ author Quindlen ANNA
‘Born in the ‘ USA
‘Eureka!’ AHA
‘Funny!’ HAHA
‘Tasty!’ YUM
2010 NBA champs LAKERS
Abrupt turn ZAG
Access illegally, as a database HACKINTO
Affiliations TIES
And others (Lat.) ETAL
Apiece PER
Bailiwick AREA
Baseball’s Musial STAN
Buddhist sect ZEN
Butte’s kin MESA
Cambridge sch MIT
Campfire leftovers ASHES
Chest muscle PEC
Commotion STIR
Corn Belt state IOWA
Crucifix ROOD
Cuts into cubes DICES
Decks in the ring KOS
Declares SAYS
Dickens title starter ATALE
Do something ACT
Enzyme suffix ASE
Equi- ISO
Expense COST
Face-to-face exams ORALS
Fish story YARN
Foot fraction INCH
Frank OPEN
Clues Answers
French article UNE
Georgia city MACON
Green prefix ECO
Greet HAIL
Grown-up nits LICE
Harrison Ford’s ‘Patriot Games’ role JACKRYAN
jiffy INA
Literary collections ANAS
Lively dances POLKAS
Peepers EYES
Pesky insect GNAT
Poi base TARO
Quick swim DIP
Ran into MET
Request ASK
Roman 57 LVII
Royal crowns TIARAS
Sashimi fish AHI
Scepters RODS
Scored 100 on ACED
Skin care brand OLAY
Slightly open AJAR
Spelling-out phrase ASIN
Sylvester, for one CAT
Teeny bit IOTA
Twisted and knotty GNARLY
Unwanted email SPAM
Volcanic flow LAVA
Works on a soundtrack DUBS
Zesty dip SALSA

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