Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 16 2018

Clues Answers
‘Dedicated to the Love’ ONEI
‘I thought !’ ASMUCH
‘Reckon so’ IGUESS
‘Unh-unh’ NAH
‘You bet!’ YES
Apiece PER
Apr. check casher IRS
Arcade pioneer ATARI
Beethoven’s ‘Fr ‘ ELISE
Big name in scat ELLA
Boredom ENNUI
Bottled spirit? GENIE
British ref. work OED
Campbell or Judd NAOMI
chi TAI
Classic R&B record label STAX
Computer pros TECHS
Costa RICA
Desire URGE
Dijon darling CHERI
Fighting the battle of the bulge ONADIET
Filled in SUBBED
Gloomy guy GUS
Gore and Green ALS
Green shade PEA
Ida of ‘High Sierra’ LUPINO
Impulsively ONAWHIM
Inuit in a 1922 film NANOOK
Just for fun ONALARK
Learning ctr SCH
Low isle CAY
Clues Answers
Madrid Mrs SRA
Medicinal plant ALOE
Mil. stores PXS
More (Sp.) MAS
Museum-funding org NEA
NASCAR advertiser STP
Nashville’s st TENN
Nike symbol SWOOSH
Of an arm bone ULNAR
Out with one’s sweetie ONADATE
Pint-sized WEE
Precipitous STEEP
Priestly garment ALB
Put in office ELECT
Pvt.’s superior SGT
Roswell visitors ETS
Rough, like burlap NUBBY
Sound booster AMP
T-shirt size LARGE
Tease KID
Toss in ADD
Trails PATHS
Tub toys BOATS
Very small TEENY
Vestige TRACE
Was right for SUITED
Washbowl BASIN
Watched surreptitiously SPIED
Went cycling BIKED
Wrestling surface MAT
Yale students ELIS

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