Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 17 2018

Clues Answers
‘Hard as nails,’ for one SIMILE
‘House’ actor Omar EPPS
‘I’m not impressed’ MEH
‘Rhyme Pays’ rapper ICET
‘What a pity!’ SOSAD
Act like a siren SEDUCE
AP rival UPI
Author Umberto ECO
Azure gemstone LAPIS
Bando of baseball SAL
Banister posts NEWELS
Bator ULAN
Berated, in a way SPATAT
Bridge call IPASS
Brunch fare OMELET
California peak SHASTA
Certain barbarians GOTHS
D.C. figure POL
Diving duck SMEW
Dressed to the NINES
Duel tool SWORD
Erudite person SCHOLAR
Eye-related OCULAR
Finito DONE
Genuine ACTUAL
Geological periods EPOCHS
Helvetica lack SERIF
Hits the mall SHOPS
Clues Answers
Incubator noise PEEP
Iowa city AMES
Isolated, as a people INSULAR
Jimmy of ‘NYPD Blue’ SMITS
Marseilles monarch ROI
Mexican yam JICAMA
Nemesis FOE
Not often SELDOM
Ode title starter TOA
Piercing tool AWL
Plane assignments SEATS
Portal GATE
Praline nuts PECANS
Refusals NOS
Sch. org PTA
Singer Torm MEL
Skier’s destinations SLOPES
Smack HIT
Take the wheel STEER
Talisman AMULET
Test versions BETAS
That fellow’s HIS
Trojan War story ILIAD
Two-faced god JANUS
Willow’s kin POPLAR
Work with USE
Zilch NIL

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