Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 2 2018

Clues Answers
‘Downton Abbey’ countess CORA
‘Star Wars’ royal LEIA
‘The Haj’ author URIS
Acknowledge AVOW
Actress McDonald of ‘Private Practice’ AUDRA
Arp’s art DADA
Baby carriage PRAM
Bath bar SOAP
Beer type LAGER
British gun STEN
Calendar abbr NOV
Census stat AGE
Charged bits IONS
Close NEAR
Cruising ASEA
Disappointments LETDOWNS
Disgusted FEDUP
Diving birds AUKS
Dread FEAR
Enjoy Vail SKI
Farm fathers RAMS
Favorites PETS
Fine, at NASA AOK
Foolproof SURE
Furnace fuel COAL
Garbage barge SCOW
Green prefix ECO
Gulf War missile SCUD
Heart of the matter CRUX
Incursion RAID
Joke GAG
Levy that helps pay for schools STATETAX
Clues Answers
Lighten EASE
Ms. Rowlands GENA
Nasser’s successor SADAT
Nest egg choices IRAS
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
Post-op area ICU
Prior night EVE
Pursuing AFTER
Quick looks PEEKS
Right on the map EAST
Roman 16 XVI
Roundish ‘do AFRO
Say it’s so AVER
Screenwriter James AGEE
Seeming displacement, to astronomers PARALLAX
Shacks HUTS
Simile center ASA
Skillet PAN
Smack HIT
Tex- cuisine MEX
That girl HER
TV’s ‘Warrior Princess’ XENA
Unpaid bills DEBTS
Uses a trowel DIGS
Vacationing AWAY
Without holding back TOTHEMAX
Wood floor protectant PASTEWAX
Write illegibly SCRAWL
Yellow turnip RUTABAGA
Zesty dip SALSA

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