Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 29 2018

Clues Answers
‘Close one!’ PHEW
‘Have fun!’ LIVEITUP
‘The Crucible’ setting SALEM
‘The Lion King’ lioness NALA
‘Would to you?’ ILIE
Actor McKellen IAN
Always EVER
Ansel or Abigail ADAMS
Anti-fur org PETA
Author Austen JANE
Babyhood INFANCY
Band boosters AMPS
Basketball tactics FASTBREAKS
Boo-Boo’s buddy YOGI
Burn somewhat SEAR
Business mag INC
Cabin component LOG
Chop HEW
Church section APSE
Cistern VAT
Compass dir SSE
Competent ABLE
Concept IDEA
Dallas hoopster, briefly MAV
Decade parts (Abbr.) YRS
Deem appropriate SEEFIT
Diner meals BREAKFASTS
Egyptian river NILE
Entanglement WEB
Equi- ISO
Formerly called NEE
Clues Answers
Fr. holy woman STE
Goblet feature STEM
Goes limp WILTS
Green prefix ECO
Hexagonal state UTAH
Imaginary monster BUGABOO
Lena of ‘Chocolat’ OLIN
Links org PGA
Listening device EAR
Mausoleum TOMB
Morose GLUM
Odometer start OOO
Oklahoma tribe OTOE
Pear variety BOSC
Plant with fragrant flowers JASMINE
Post-op area ICU
Puccini opera TOSCA
Purchases BUYS
Royal Norwegian name OLAV
Scoundrel CAD
Sheer fabric CHIFFON
Slot machine symbols LEMONS
Soggy porridge MUSH
Stately tree ELM
Street address? BRO
Syrup flavor MAPLE
Welles role KANE
White House nickname IKE
Winged ALAR
Winter coasters SLEDS
Wise one SAGE

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