Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 6 2018

Clues Answers
‘A spider!’ EEK
19th president HAYES
Actions DEEDS
Anatomical sac BURSA
Baldwin of ‘Aloha’ ALEC
Bar order ALE
Bashful SHY
Canyon comebacks ECHOES
Carton sealer TAPE
Cauldron concoction BREW
Cave creatures BATS
Chest muscle PEC
Church leader ELDER
Corn serving EAR
Country singer Jackson ALAN
Curly-tailed dog CHOWCHOW
Director Howard RON
Doctrine ISM
Egg (Pref.) OVO
Erstwhile acorns OAKS
Existed WAS
Flightless birds EMUS
Hexagonal state UTAH
Hoedown musician FIDDLER
Impale GORE
In the manner of ALA
Knight’s address SIR
Lady of the haus FRAU
Lemon DUD
Longings YENS
Madonna’s ‘Take ‘ ABOW
Clues Answers
Many a guard dog DOBERMAN
Mine, in Marseille AMOI
Monet’s supply OILS
Needing money BADOFF
Olympics chant USA
One-time link ATA
Out of the storm ALEE
Peepers EYES
Poet Sandburg CARL
Regrets RUES
Reporter’s quest NEWS
Rife with foliage LUSH
Rocker Clapton ERIC
Rule of the people DEMOCRACY
Satirist Mort SAHL
Sausage dog DACHSHUND
Scot’s denial NAE
Seabird TERN
Secondhand USED
Shad product ROE
Ship launched in 1934 QUEENMARY
Skedaddled FLED
Slave SERF
Sneaky laugh HEH
Status follower QUO
Tall, slender dog GREYHOUND
Tic- -toe TAC
Ticked (off) TEED
Web address URL
Wee bit TAD
Willy Wonka’s creator DAHL

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