Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 8 2018

Clues Answers
‘Top Gun’ target MIG
Abound TEEM
Also-ran LOSER
And so on (Abbr.) ETC
Apprehend NAB
Bach choral works CANTATAS
Bayou cuisine CAJUN
Bedouin ARAB
Boatswain, casually BOSUN
Book after Joel AMOS
Boxer’s dream TITLE
Cash advance LOAN
chi TAI
Church service MASS
Citizen soldiers MILITIA
Commotion ADO
Computer key ESC
Docs’ org AMA
Dog’s foot PAW
Earl Grey, for one TEA
Efron of ‘Neighbors’ ZAC
Enervate SAP
Eric of ‘Troy’ BANA
Fan’s cry RAH
Fitzgerald title character GATSBY
Gem weights CARATS
Gentle soul LAMB
Gratuity TIP
Green shade MOSS
Isaac’s eldest ESAU
Jason’s ship ARGO
Kingston resident JAMAICAN
Clues Answers
Knock RAP
Kvetches NAGS
La , Bolivia PAZ
Lake of Lombardy COMO
Libra symbols SCALES
London’s Old VIC
Lovers’ quarrel SPAT
Mentalist Geller URI
Mermaid’s home SEA
Military group UNIT
Nabokov novel ADA
Neat and stylish DAPPER
No neatnik SLOB
On in years AGED
Online auction site EBAY
Parking place LOT
Present day? XMAS
Rapscallions IMPS
Refuse holder TRASHCAN
Rock’s Ocasek RIC
San Francisco’s Hill NOB
Some beachgoers NUDISTS
Speck DOT
Taxpayer IDs SSNS
Ticklish Muppet ELMO
Tin Man’s need OIL
Two-way DUAL
Urban transport TAXICAB
Witty one WAG
Yemen neighbor OMAN

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