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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – March 16 2019

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Clues Answers
__ who?’ SEZ
__ you!’ (challenger’s cry) IDARE
Actress Marisa TOMEI
Apple music service ITUNES
Author du Maurier DAPHNE
Auto style SEDAN
Bar legally ESTOP
Bit of advice TIP
British rule of India RAJ
Calendar abbr TUE
Casual tops TEES
Chips go-with DIP
Croc’s kin GATOR
Crucifix ROOD
Dawn-of-mammals epoch EOCENE
Decorator’s theme MOTIF
Doctrine ISM
Driven out EXILED
Elevator name OTIS
Eye drop TEAR
Figure skater, at times LEAPER
Fills up SATES
Fixation FETISH
Floodgate SLUICE
Folksinger Phil OCHS
Foot part INSTEP
GI’s address APO
Got up AROSE
HDTV brand RCA
Heller and Conrad JOSEPHS
High-ranking angels SERAPHS
Highly ornate ROCOCO
Identified incorrectly MISTOOK
Maidens of myth NYMPHS
Mariners SALTS
Mexican money PESOS
Neural transmitter AXON
Ninnies DOPES
Nintendo princess ZELDA
Optimum BEST
Parisian palace ELYSEE
Passover repast SEDER
Perched SAT
Richard of ‘Chicago’ GERE
Runs off to wed ELOPES
Safe and sound SECURE
Sentence parts PHRASES
Shred RIP
Small barrel KEG
Snitch RAT
Spasm TIC
Tallied SUMMED
Tizzies SNITS
Transforms (into) MORPHS
Up to TIL
Varieties SORTS
Young dog PUP
__ Paulo SAO