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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – May 1 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Eugene Sheffer King Feature Syndicate.

Clues Answers
“Give __ break!” MEA
“Mangia!” EAT
“Stormy Weather” singer LENAHORNE
Actor Cariou LEN
Actor McKellen IAN
Allude to GETAT
Arcade pioneer ATARI
Beer ingredient MALT
Before ERE
Broadcasts AIRS
Campbell or Watts NAOMI
Conceit EGO
Concur AGREE
Cornfield noise CAW
Decorate Easter eggs DYE
Do the tango DANCE
Dog bane FLEA
Ecstasy’s opposite AGONY
Epoch ERA
Eyebrow shape ARCH
Fish eggs ROE
Gearwheel tooth COG
Genetic letters RNA
Gerund suffix ING
Guffaws YUKS
Haw preceder HEE
Holiday quaff EGGNOG
Hose woe SNAG
Japanese city KYOTO
Joke GAG
King, in Cannes ROI
Lacking vegetation BARREN
Liniment targets ACHES
LPs’ successors CDS
Mafia boss DON
Mexican snacks TACOS
Milk dispenser UDDER
Nabokov novel ADA
Observe SEE
One-celled creature AMOEBA
Oyster’s prize PEARL
Paragons IDEALS
Parisian pal AMI
Perukes WIGS
Prefix for “night” or “day” MID
Prohibit BAN
Pvt.’s superior SGT
Roswell visitors ETS
Schedule abbr ARR
Scoffing laughs HAHS
Secret store CACHE
Signing need PEN
Society newbie DEB
Soprano Fleming RENEE
Suggest POSIT
Surgery reminders SCARS
Tizzy SNIT
Top-of-the-line AONE
Transcript no GPA
Way to go (Abbr.) RTE
YMCA class CPR
__ and outs INS