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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – May 12 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Act nice!’ BEGOOD
‘Chill out, OK?’ BECOOL
‘Citizen Kane’ prop SLED
‘Clambake’ star PRESLEY
‘I Am Woman’ singer REDDY
‘I insist that you attend!’ BETHERE
‘You mouthful!’ SAIDA
Actor Brynner YUL
Beginnings ONSETS
Biz bigwig CEO
Born NEE
Boxing combo ONETWO
Breadwinner EARNER
Brit. record label EMI
Cambodia neighbor LAOS
Capitol VIP SEN
Computer pros TECHS
Dawn-of-mammals epoch EOCENE
Days of yore ELD
Devoured EATEN
Diplomat’s res EMB
Diva’s solos ARIAS
Doctrine TENET
Dwarfed potted plant BONSAI
Expels OUSTS
Guns the engine REVS
Having a lot to lose? OBESE
Highway division LANE
Clues Answers
Hit CBS series CSI
Humdingers LULUS
Investigate PROBE
Jurist Lance ITO
Kimono closer OBI
Lack of vitality ANEMIA
Military no-show AWOL
On/off switch TOGGLE
Outer (Pref.) EXO
Pass on, as a fruitcake REGIFT
Penn pal TELLER
Popeye’s Olive OYL
Prius maker TOYOTA
Pub perch STOOL
Public speaking ORATORY
Pump, e.g SHOE
Rocker Rose AXL
San , Texas ANGELO
Sheep’s cry BLEAT
Show clearly EVINCE
Sin city SODOM
Start a computer again REBOOT
Status follower QUO
Sultry Horne LENA
Timber wolves LOBOS
Waved away SHOOED
Windblown soil LOESS
Winnow SIFT
Work unit ERG