Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – May 13 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Divine Comedy” author DANTE
“Kon- __” TIKI
“O Sole __” MIO
“The Kite Runner” boy AMIR
“Viva __ Vegas” LAS
“__ Gold” (Fonda film) ULEES
100 cts DOL
Author Fleming IAN
Baseball’s Moises ALOU
Body art, for short TAT
Catchall abbr ETC
Coerced FORCED
Commercial tunes JINGLES
Computer acronym ROM
Convent VIP NUN
Custardy pastry NAPOLEON
Diminutive suffix ETTE
Dross SLAG
Eventful periods ERAS
Future flower SEED
Gin flavoring JUNIPER
Greek vowel IOTA
Haunting EERIE
Hotel Bible name GIDEON
In shape FIT
Incorrect WRONG
Jazzy style BOP
Letter extras (Abbr.) ENCS
Like most pretzels SALTED
Low-calorie LITE
Maxi’s opposite MINI
Media mogul Turner TED
Meghan and Harry’s son ARCHIE
Minor quibbles NITS
MLB stat RBI
Muppet prawn PEPE
Noontime meal LUNCHEON
Norwegian saint OLAV
Nostalgic song OLDIE
Ovum EGG
Pickle holder JAR
Proscribes BANS
Pt. of a sentence SUBJ
Pub order ALE
Rap sheet abbr AKA
Ravine GULCH
Rock concert booster AMP
Salt Lake athlete UTE
Scary cry BOO
Scoundrel HEEL
Shore concealer FOG
Slightly ATAD
Squeeze (out) EKE
Squid squirt INK
Strait-laced STAID
Succor AID
Theater award OBIE
Urban bird PIGEON
Video-streaming brand ROKU
Warning sign OMEN
Wee songbird WREN
Willowy SVELTE
__ Moines DES

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