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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – May 14 2018

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Clues Answers
‘ had it!’ IVE
‘Gee, ya think?’ DUH
‘Honest!’ ITSTRUE
‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ author ATWOOD
A/C stat BTU
Afternoon get-together TEA
Ancient Brit CELT
Atlas page MAP
Atty.’s title ESQ
Boy, in Barcelona NINO
Brazilian rubber PARA
Computer key ESC
Convened MET
Cote cry BAA
culpa MEA
DDE predecessor HST
Discoverer’s call OHO
Dishonest CROOKED
Duel tool EPEE
Early Peruvian INCA
Eyebrow shape ARCH
Foreshadow BODE
Grandfather, for one CLOCK
Holler YELL
Japanese pond carp KOI
Jellied entree ASPIC
Lab eggs OVA
Lean to one side TILT
Like some vaccines ORAL
Litigates SUES
Mangy mutt CUR
Melville captain AHAB
Clues Answers
Mentalist’s gift ESP
Moving vehicle VAN
Noble Italian family ESTE
Not busy IDLE
Numerical prefix TRI
Oboe insert REED
Off-white ECRU
Partridge’s kin QUAIL
PC program APP
Pinnacle ACME
Polynesian carving TIKI
Portal GATE
Preliminary version DRAFT
Recede EBB
Relocate MOVE
Reveille’s opposite TAPS
Royal insomnia cause PEA
Sam sings it in ‘Casablanca’ ASTIMEGOESBY
Service charge FEE
Shetland, for one PONY
Snare TRAP
Soup eater’s noise SLURP
Sports figure? STAT
Standard PAR
Swampy terrain MIRE
Toucan’s feature BEAK
Water tester TOE
White wine cocktail KIR
Winter fall SNOW
Witherspoon of ‘Wild’ REESE
Work by Maya Angelou POEM