Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – May 14 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Frozen” snow queen ELSA
“I’m not lying” TRUSTMEONTHIS
“JAG” spinoff NCIS
“NFL Live” channel ESPN
“Star Wars” royal LEIA
“The A-Team” actor MRT
Actor Montgomery CLIFT
Actress Kunis MILA
Actress Mendes EVA
Agra’s land INDIA
Appease SATE
Artery inserts STENTS
Astern AFT
AWOL pursuers MPS
B vitamin NIACIN
Bando of baseball SAL
Bashful SHY
Beer container CAN
Billboards ADS
Cold therapies ICEBATHS
Dad on “Black-ish” DRE
Delphi figure ORACLE
Designer monogram YSL
Dyeing vessel VAT
Freebie COMP
Full assembly PLENUM
Gum flavor MINT
Highway divisions LANES
Iditarod racers DOGSLEDS
Japanese emperor MIKADO
Lawyer (Abbr.) ATTY
Like a wet umbrella DRIPPY
Lounge LOLL
Luau strings UKES
Mali neighbor SENEGAL
Match parts SETS
Minimum MEREST
Minsk and Pinsk, e.g CITIES
Pac. counterpart ATL
Patient’s need, briefly TLC
Peace goddess IRENE
Printer’s line EMDASH
RSVP enclosure SASE
Sailor TAR
Scale note SOL
Sch. URL ender EDU
Some coll. degrees BAS
Sparkling Italian wine ASTI
Sports figures? STATS
Stubborn pack MULES
SUV maker GMC
Till bills ONES
Traveler’s need SUITCASE
True bargain FIND
Uncle (Sp.) TIO
Waffle brand EGGO
Ways to the WWW ISPS
Wildebeests GNUS
Word of denial NOT

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