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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – May 18 2018

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Clues Answers
‘As I see it,’ to a texter IMO
‘Exodus’ hero ARI
‘Heavens to !’ BETSY
Bagpiper’s wear KILT
Barbecue site PATIO
Battleship color GRAY
Big name in oil HESS
Big rig SEMI
Blond shade ASH
Borscht base BEET
Brit. record label EMI
Cager O’Neal, for short SHAQ
Capitol Hill VIP SEN
Chowed down ATE
Cleanse WASH
Curator’s focus ART
Dawn goddess EOS
Decorate TRIM
Farm unit ACRE
Fish eggs ROE
Flightless birds EMUS
Fuzzy image BLUR
Gershwin title river SWANEE
Golfer McIlroy RORY
Gotham hero BATMAN
Greek vowel IOTA
Harmonize ATTUNE
Jury enclosure BOX
Lamb alias ELIA
LAPD alert APB
Largest continent ASIA
Lima’s land PERU
Clues Answers
Made of baked clay EARTHEN
Mal de MER
Malia’s sister SASHA
Member of the Society of Friends QUAKER
Met solo ARIA
Nerd’s kin GEEK
Night light? NEON
Not moving ATREST
Overconfident SMUG
Poorly lit DIM
Pub order ALE
Quilters’ get-together BEE
Quotable Yogi BERRA
Refrigerator feature ICEMAKER
Requirements MUSTS
Retrieve GET
River deposit SILT
Roman 1101 MCI
Salt dispenser SHAKER
Scratched (out) EKED
Sentence parts PHRASES
Showbiz job GIG
Singer Carly Jepsen RAE
Spoken for TAKEN
Standard PAR
Sudden onrush SPATE
Sugary suffix OSE
That girl SHE
Treaty PACT
Upper limit MAX
Web address URL
Whitewater vessel KAYAK