Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – May 19 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“CSI” evidence DNA
“Hail, Caesar!” AVE
“Money __ everything!” ISNT
“Peter Pan” dog NANA
“Remember …” BEARINMIND
“Remember …” DONTFORGET
“Thorny” garden area ROSEBED
Actor Beatty NED
Addict USER
Amazon, for one RIVER
Arctic jackets ANORAKS
Avril follower MAI
Bird (Pref.) AVI
Botanist Gray ASA
British “Inc.” LTD
Caesar salad lettuce ROMAINE
Can material ALUMINUM
Choir voices ALTI
Chowed down ATE
Comedian Sandler ADAM
Continuous UNENDING
Cover of gloom PALL
Cuban money PESO
Dust jacket ID ISBN
Enormous TITANIC
Entre __ NOUS
Entryway DOOR
Father (Fr.) PERE
Fish story LIE
French article UNE
Give temporarily LEND
Half of XIV VII
Herod’s realm JUDEA
Incite SPUR
Jam holder JAR
Jared of “Panic Room” LETO
Long lunches? SUBS
Martian mover UFO
Mediocre SOSO
Melody TUNE
Mil. morale booster USO
Pants part LEG
Pasted together GLUED
Pleased GLAD
Pledge drive gifts TOTES
Price COST
Relaxing resorts SPAS
River blocker DAM
Ruby and Sandra DEES
Scot’s denial NAE
Serena, to Venus SIS
Succotash beans LIMAS
Tennis great Andre AGASSI
Track assignment LANE
Tranquil SERENE
Undressed NUDE
Uses a trowel DIGS
Vintage OLD
War god ARES
Yankee Clipper airline PANAM
Young fox KIT
__ pickle INA

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