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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – May 2 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Eugene Sheffer King Feature Syndicate.

Clues Answers
“Alley __” OOP
“Can I give you __?” ALIFT
“Gross!” UGH
“Let’s Get Loud” singer who performed at the 2020 Super Bowl JENNIFERLOPEZ
“Would __ to you?” ILIE
Actress Taylor LIZ
Antelope’s playmate DEER
Arthur of “Maude” BEA
Atkins diet no-no CARB
Avril follower MAI
B.B. King’s instrument GUITAR
Bakery buys BUNS
Band boosters AMPS
Baseball’s Tommie AGEE
Bubblehead DITZ
Cheer (for) ROOT
Compared to THAN
Continent north of Afr EUR
Creche trio MAGI
D.C. baseball team NATS
English channel? BBC
Feedbag bit OAT
Former Yankee with 69 ALEXRODRIGUEZ
Future flower BUD
Get up RISE
Hearty embrace BEARHUG
Indonesian island BALI
Instructed privately TUTORED
Jeans maker Strauss LEVI
Lavish affection (on) DOTE
Love god EROS
Marisa’s “Only Love” role EVIE
Microwaves ZAPS
Monk’s title FRA
News reporter Logan LARA
Online journal BLOG
Outscores BEATS
Pair DUO
Paul Newman film HUD
PC key ALT
Pt. of a sentence SUBJ
Rail BAR
Razzle-dazzle GLITZ
Revue segment ACT
Rope fiber HEMP
RSVP enclosure SASE
Rust, for one OXIDE
Sailing vessel SLOOP
Sci-fi fleet UFOS
Shack HUT
Sicilian peak ETNA
Snake’s warning SSS
Social studies course CIVICS
Swelled heads EGOS
Torched LIT
Towboat TUG
Travel permit VISA
Trendy HIP
Unmanned plane DRONE
Used a chair SAT
Weep CRY
Whatever ANY
__ de mer MAL