Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – May 23 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Mamma Mia” group ABBA
Abrasion SCRAPE
Actress Diana DORS
Actress Reese DELLA
Applications USES
Automaton, for short BOT
Bagel variety SALT
Barracks beds COTS
Body powder TALC
Bone-dry ARID
Breakup payment PALIMONY
British ref. work OED
Brooch PIN
Castle defense MOAT
Cautions WARNS
Certain Nebraskan OMAHAN
Circle dances HORAS
Corn product OIL
Do in SLAY
Eastern “way” TAO
Elevator name OTIS
Enfold WRAP
Entrance ringer DOORBELL
Equal (Pref.) ISO
Fancy fiddles STRADS
First-place medal GOLD
Graceful bird SWAN
Handel’s “Messiah,” e.g ORATORIO
Korea setting EASTASIA
Lugosi of film BELA
Madness IDIOCY
Med. plan options HMOS
Military no-show AWOL
Mouths (Lat.) ORA
New Deal agcy NRA
Occurred to DAWNEDON
Opening aid DOORKNOB
Pallid WAN
PC alternative MAC
Persian leader SHAH
Picasso’s movement CUBISM
Pirate’s chart MAP
Pushover DOORMAT
Russian river URAL
Sandwich treat OREO
Scurry DART
Secret-protecting doc NDA
Six-pack muscles ABS
Stoic philosopher ZENO
Strike caller UMP
Supplies with staff MANS
Taxpayer IDs SSNS
Threshold DOORWAY
Towering TALL
Tribute maker MAZDA
Tropical lizards GECKOS
War god ARES
Wire measure MIL
Writer Ephron NORA
— avis RARA
— King Cole NAT

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