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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – May 24 2019

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Clues Answers
How sweet __!’ ITIS
‘Jeremy’ band PEARLJAM
‘Jump’ band VANHALEN
‘Light My Fire’ band THEDOORS
‘Rah!’ YAY
‘Today’ rival, briefly GMA
‘Yellow’ band COLDPLAY
Always EVER
Berth places PIERS
Candle count AGE
Ceremony RITE
Corn serving EAR
Crib cry MAMA
Cushions PADS
Evergreen type YEW
Exist ARE
Fancy party GALA
Feet, slangily DOGS
First bed CRIB
Flunk FAIL
Garden pavilion GAZEBO
Genesis garden EDEN
Goofed ERRED
Gourmand EATER
Greek cheese FETA
Hay bundle BALE
Historic Scott DRED
Honey bunch? BEES
Jubilation GLEE
Kitten’s cry MEW
Like custard EGGY
Lincoln’s coin PENNY
Lobbying org PAC
Long-limbed LEGGY
Macadamize PAVE
Marsh birds HERONS
Mine yield ORE
Previously AGO
Privy to INON
Property claim LIEN
Quick swim DIP
Relaxed EASY
Robust HALE
Rock’s Brian ENO
Schiller poem used by Beethoven ODETOJOY
Schreiber of ‘Ray Donovan’ LIEV
Sci-fi prefix ROBO
Scrabble piece TILE
Seabird TERN
Seminary study RELIGION
Sharpen HONE
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Slender woodwind OBOE
Standard PAR
Teeny bit IOTA
Third degree? PHD
Transparent SHEER
Verdi opera AIDA
Vivacity BRIO
Wild guess STAB
Zorro’s marks ZEES