Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – May 24 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“High Society” studio MGM
“Prometheus” actor Idris ELBA
Ambushes WAYLAYS
Battery ends ANODES
Bedazzle AWE
Biting remark BARB
Body of water (Abbr.) RIV
Calendar abbr NOV
Cave creatures BATS
Colorful cats CALICOS
Concentrate (on) FOCUS
Conclude END
Confection container CANDYDISH
Deli meat HAM
Designer Chanel COCO
Disaster aid gp FEMA
Early period MORN
Entre __ NOUS
Expensive violin AMATI
Exploit USE
Gallery display ART
German pronoun ICH
Glacial ICY
Govt. loan agcy SBA
Hardens SETS
Hit CBS series CSI
Hogwash ROT
Jury service, for one CIVICDUTY
Land in la mer ILE
Lascivious LUSTY
Lay to rest INTER
Lebanese capital BEIRUT
Lettuce variety COS
Mel of Cooperstown OTT
NBA All-Star Jason KIDD
NPR’s Shapiro ARI
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
Party cheese BRIE
Patronized, as an inn STAYEDAT
Pay to play ANTE
Pickling herb DILL
Plane-related AERO
Potent stick TNT
Prefix with athlete TRI
President’s retreat CAMPDAVID
Probability ODDS
PTA and NEA, e.g ORGS
Quick-loss regimen CRASHDIET
Ranch measure ACRE
Recognize KNOW
Road surfaces ASPHALTS
Scepters RODS
Smack HIT
Small change CENTS
Stitched line SEAM
Tech news website CNET
Telly network BBC
Thunder god THOR
Tiny bit IOTA
Unpaid OWED
Wild party BASH
__ -bitty ITTY

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