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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – May 28 2018

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Clues Answers
‘ Lisa’ MONA
‘Act now!’ DOIT
‘East of Eden’ brother CAL
‘Jabberwocky’ starter TWAS
‘Let’s go!’ CMON
‘Molly on the Shore’ composer Percy GRAINGER
‘Nope!’ UHUH
‘Pow!’ WHAM
‘The Firm’ author John GRISHAM
-de-France ILE
Anguished look GRIMACE
Bluenose PRIG
Caboose REAR
Calendar abbr NOV
Capital on a fjord OSLO
Cattle calls? MOOS
Check-cashing needs IDS
Collision CRASH
Competent ABLE
Cookware POTS
Corn recipe PONE
Dayton’s state OHIO
Dove calls COOS
Easily assembled (housing) PREFAB
Evening, in an ad NITE
Farm pen STY
Fermi’s bit ATOM
Financial guru Suze ORMAN
Galley item OAR
Gents MEN

Clues Answers
Gorges on food EATSALOT
Grimace MOUE
Group of quail BEVY
Half of bi- UNI
In pain HURT
Indian cooking style TANDOORI
Jamie Foxx biopic RAY
Joan of ARC
Lummoxes OAFS
Male turkey TOM
Mythic eagle-lion hybrids GRIFFINS
Overacts EMOTES
Painter Joan MIRO
Pamphlet TRACT
Party giver HOST
Perched SAT
Prepare potatoes MASH
PTA session MTG
Reuben bread RYE
Rushing sound WHOOSH
Scot’s denial NAE
Shoppe description OLDE
Shopping binge SPREE
Skydive JUMP
Some potatoes IDAHOS
Spanish aunt TIA
The ‘J’ of J.S. Bach JOHANN
Traffic jam GRIDLOCK
Vagrant HOBO
Villain in ‘Wonder Woman’ ARES
Wee whirlpools EDDIES